PsycheFinder was founded by psychotherapist Erica Leibrandt after years of being asked  by countless frustrated, scared, and even desperate people how to find the right mental health professional. Despite an internet full of resources, Erica realized that most of those seeking help were still at a loss. Stuck scrolling through huge online registries of clinicians, staring at thumbnail photos and bios that say little about who therapists really are, lots of folks just give up. Others rely on referrals or word-of-mouth; an ok way way to find counselor— if you happen to know someone who knows one who will be precisely right for you. (Why is it so important to find the best individual fit? Research shows that it is the relationship between client and counselor that predicts— more than any other factor— treatment outcomes. In other words, finding your person makes the difference between feeling better and feeling nothing at all, or worse!)

Erica believed there had to be a better way. What if, she thought, I could combine a comprehensive online registry of clinicians, and a staff of professionals who could match them with those in need? No fancy algorithms or robots— just human beings interpreting data in ways a layman couldn’t, using their skills and intuition to make the best connections possible. Human beings who will actually know the clinicians they refer. She imagined building a website she’d feel comfortable sending her closest friends and family to, a place where people could be competently and kindly served when they were confused, sad, anxious, or in crisis. 

With the help of several dedicated colleagues who were inspired by Erica’s vision, PsycheFinder was born. It became a place, not just for people seeking to optimize their mental health, but for information about mental health in general. Rich in resources and constantly updated with Erica’s widely acclaimed psychologically focused writing, it has surpassed her original vision. Currently local to the north side of Chicago, PsycheFinder has blanketed coverage of 28 suburban towns, with plans to expand outward to the entire midwest region and eventually all 51 states. Staffed by live individuals, we guarantee a 72 hour response time to all inquiries to ensure that no one slips through the cracks. We also guarantee a 24 hour or shorter call back time for mental health emergencies. There is nothing worse than reaching out when things look bleak and being ignored or sent through a heartless technological maze.

We at PsycheFinder are excited to offer this innovative new approach for making customized mental health care available to all. We know the benefits quality treatment can deliver, from saving marriages, preventing suicide, managing addiction, and all the other tough challenges people face in their lives. We believe that everyone deserves to be heard and to be healed, and it is our steadfast mission to make that possible.